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Owner of the Coffin Store -vintage store/coffee bar in Kokkola

Chief editor of Roolipelitiedotus.fi since 2020
In the board of
Suomen roolipeliseura ry 2020-21

Writer & head of marketing for Zeberax -larp

Member of the Young Living family since 2018

On vision mixer-, soundboard- and camera duty for multiple Expos at Kpedu
Runner/backstage crew for a few concerts and such every now and then

Pioneer in the DigiTutor -program at Kpedu

Had my two-week internships in Triomini and Creamedia

Club Director for the 4H organization
Did marketing for my own clubs & events and was partly responsible for the
local website

One of the three original founders of the Team Fox -project

Actor in 3 full-length plays at Ruuttanäyttämö 2011-13
Also featured in a TV add for Neste Oyj

Writing Highlights

Full acting portfolio

Diplomas & recognitions
General resume in PDF