Trough my life I’ve always enjoyed writing. It’s a great way of self expression and an art form to be admired. I’ve developed my own style while still experimenting with a wide scale of genres and techniques. I write mostly shorts and poetry, but I’ve been thinking about writing a novel for a long time and also done some scripts along the way.

I was about 10 years old when I performed in my first full-length play. From there on it was almost impossible to get me very far from the stage. The hobby went on consistently for 7 years, in two groups, until I changed schools and had to quit because of the lack of a new group. Warm toughs to everyone I had the honor of working with. Listing of my roles here.

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I’ve gone trough 1+9 years of Finnish basic education with all the artsy/cultural optionals possible & with a couple courses on languages, EDP and gastronomy. I’ve also taken Evira’s hygiene proficiency course, club director course by 4H-organisation, some first aid courses and an independent course on entrepreneurship.

After finishing basic education I moved on to study media productions. I’ve enjoyed my time at my current school and learned a lot of new techniques. Although this list of audiovisual productions is rather short now, I’m sure there’s more to come…


I’ve been working with Young Living for over a year now. It’s been both challenging and rewarding. We have pure, natural quality products, that me and my family use every day. You can read more on Young Living here.

I’m known as a deeply universal person, so it would be impossible to list everything I’ve done, but these are the categories I found worth featuring in my portfolio. Hope you find my early accomplishments interesting. Feel free to mail me at crystalymail@gmail.com for any further information or request. Happy browsing!

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