Trough my life I’ve always enjoyed writing. It’s a great way of self expression and an art form to be admired. I’ve developed my own style while still experimenting with a wide scale of genres and techniques. I write mostly shorts and poetry, but I’ve also done some scripts and factual work along the way.

I was named the chief editor of Roolipelitiedotus, the home of Finnish role-playing information, and have been working the position since January 2020.

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I was about 10 years old when I performed in my first full-length play. From there on it was almost impossible to get me very far from the stage. The hobby went on consistently for 7 years, in two groups, until I changed schools and had to quit because of the lack of a new group. Warm toughs to everyone I had the honor of working with. Listing of my roles here.

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I’ve gone trough 1+9 years of Finnish basic education with all the artsy/cultural optionals possible & with a couple courses on languages, EDP and gastronomy. I’ve also taken a range of independent courses since then.

After finishing basic education I moved on to study media productions. I enjoyed my time at Media center Lime and learned a lot of new techniques. Although this list of audiovisual productions is rather short now, I’m sure there’s more to come…

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I’m known as a deeply universal person, so it would be impossible to list everything I’ve done & learned, but these are the categories I found worth featuring in my portfolio. Hope you find my early accomplishments interesting. Feel free to contact me for any further information or request. Happy browsing!