What’s on this page?
Answers to your questions, kinda

Okay, so what’s up with CoF?
Unfortunately, the store doesn’t talk. It mostly just sells books and records and stuff, but it needs my help even for that. Sometimes it has people over, like rEaL aUtHoRs and some dudes with instruments.

Why’d you name it ‘the Coffin Store’?
‘Cause old books have more soul & the writing community are suckers for literacy jokes pretty much no-one else ever gets. I’m gonna write it open in more detail, some day..

So it’s like an actual, physical store!?
Yep : ) It’s in downtown Kokkola & in my vision it looks a little like this

What’s it like being a young/queer entrepreneur?
Tough.. But yk, that’s entrepreneurship for ya.

Have you given up art then?
I had to put the book on hold, ’cause fuck 2020 & now, with the store, I’m obviously pretty busy, but I won’t stop writing, (or producing) and even tho original content has been pretty sparse, there’s plenty of it coming.
To some of y’all, who’ve been concerned I’m shifting my focus entirely to factual work; don’t worry. Sometimes factual articles are easier to come up with, when your life is super hectic. This doesn’t mean the end of twisted fairytales.

Is Maailmanraja related to teamFox? What do you do in there?
No, they’re two entirely separate projects.
Maailmanrajan Kahvila (meaning the Crossroads Café, btw) actually isn’t my original project, but was passed onto me by a friend.
In 2021 Maailmanraja is hosting a series of themed events ranging from traditional tavern workshopping to an immersive space utopia. These will be announced two at a time on my website & the store’s
Facebook -page.

Will there be more Fox -projects in the future?
Right now it looks like teamFox will stay frozen for a while.
With all original members working and starting families in different cities around Europe, the project lacks direction & constructive leadership. Some of us got together in November & decided that it deserves better than ‘some half-assed re-launch attempt by a bunch of tired-ass (ex)activists’.
Sinikettu would be the person to talk to, if what you’ve seen floating around sparked your interest.

Miksi/milloin aloit kirjoittaa pelkkää englantia? Mitä vanhalle nimimerkille tapahtui?
Fictiota oon aina kirjottanu enempi-vähempi englanniksi.
Miulla oli nuorempana rankka kokemus sosiaalisesta mediasta, ja päätin lopulta polttaa sillat, mitä seurasi vuosien radiohiljaisuus. Ne jotka osaa yhdistää miut toiseen nimimerkkiin, toivon, että pidätte asian omana tietonanne.
Kun ammattikoulussa aloin hiljalleen palata some:n pariin, tuntui luontevalta tehdä kaikki suoralta kädeltä universaaliksi. Käyttöjärjestelmät oli englanninkielisiä, vapaa kirjoittaminen painottui runouteen ja työtehtäviä alkoi tulla suhteessa enemmän ulkomailta. Nyt yritän hakea kaupan markkinointiin jonkinlaista kolmen kielen tasapainoa, muuten tulen kirjoittamaan jatkossakin, pää-asiassa englanniksi.

What’s with the Finnish bits every odd Tuesday?
Yea.. I live in Finland, I’m bilingual & it’s sort of expected of me.
I’m looking for a good Finnish-English-Swedish balance for CoF’s marketing. Otherwise I’ll continue writing primarily in the real-world common tongue : )